I'm away on business

I’ve taken on a design job, and I’m gonna be working for the man, a nice man actually, well, company, so I won’t be available for new clients, except in some awesome cases. Get in touch if I know you, or if you have something particularly interesting or creative, or community-focused. I won’t be available for things that take a lot of time and grunt work sorry. 


Kia ora, I'm a graphic designer in Dunedin, New Zealand. I work on visual things like illustration, visual identities, information design, document design and typesetting. And visual and interface design for websites and applications. I also help people with writing and editing, getting their content together and structuring it. I've taught design at university, and also design and art at high school.

I love coming up with things that work well for people. I'm about ideas, good processes, honesty, clear thinking, good usability, plain English, original illustration and photography, and good typography. Good design is a magic and satisfying mix of these kinds of things. It isn't really that much about art, or coolness, or owning the latest computer software, or doing things in a hurry. 

Outside of design and work I'm into my kids, family and friends, music, nature stuff, reading, art, snow, water, beer, dancing, football, cricket, nonsense, robots, pencils, clocks, fish, architecture, comics, dogs, road trips, mundane photographic landscape prints, and old musical organs.