A diagram to explain the different goals of ABA therapy
 An invitation for a kid's party
 Slide for investment pitch for my friends at Thankyou Payroll
 I worked with kids at the local primary school to create these illustrated flags for their four school houses: Belford, Dunrobin, Larnach, and Mathieson. The designs are meant to have a bit of a fantasy kinda Harry Potter kind of vibe. So that they are engaging for younguns, and so that they can represent some aspects of the local suburb, environment, history, city and region. We're planning to make large-format hand-stitched ones.
 Some ideas for a process document for Boost New Media
 The design for the Pōhā o te Titi app and accompanying docs involved many shapes made using Illustrator
 Deep breath cards for my boy with autism. Random numbers on the back, which were shown as a reward upon the drawing of a deep breath
 The Hippocratic Oafs: a rock band made up of wayward medical students
 Michael Joseph Savage (first labour Prime Minister of NZ) t-shirt design
 Figures for kids promotional events for the local council when the FIFA U-20 Football World Cup was in town
 Product drawings for a locally-made drying rack
 A tongue-in-cheek gang patch for an Irish feminist comedy duo
 Backpod product detail
 A figure for a friend's wedding: he's local, she's English
 A detail I liked from a poster I made years ago
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